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What is Mind Cafe?

Call us misleading, but Mind Cafe isn’t an actual cafe. (Not yet, anyway.)

It is an organisation predicated upon happiness and with the purpose of teaching thousands of people worldwide how to live better lives. Through our digital publication, engaging video content and events, we go the extra mile when it comes to providing honest, research-based information about living well.

The journey towards fulfilment in our work, lives and relationships begins with inner-contentment. Happiness is the foundation of success in all areas, and it’s our mission to teach you how to find it.

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Helping You to Find Happiness

A publication about living Well

We do a lot at Mind Cafe, but our best work can be found over on our publication at Medium. There, we publish daily insights into wellness and self-improvement written by our expert team of authors.

Our publication focuses on teaching you how to filter out the noise and lay down the foundations of a happy and healthy existence, providing you with the information you need to live well.

In short, Mind Cafe is a digital space for anybody to visit, settle down with a hot mug of coffee and soak up inspiring content about happiness.

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A Happiness Workshop


A Event in collaboration with lush cosmetics

We recently teamed up with Lush Cosmetics in Bath Spa, UK, to kick off the launch of Mind Cafe events - a new project we’ve been working hard to bring to our audience.

At the event, we taught attendees a few simple things that they can do to start living a happier life over the course of our free four-hour workshop.

Thank you to all who joined us for our very first in-person event, ‘A Happiness Workshop,’ on June 6th 2019. We had a blast! If you missed it, don’t worry. There’ll be more. Keep an eye out for updates across our social media platforms about future events just like this one.