We're Mind Cafe, the media organisation focused on teaching you how to live a happier life.

Who are we?

We are a team of authors, thinkers, and doers.

Every member of Mind Cafe's team is passionate about personal improvement, from our in-house editorial staff to the hundreds of writers that publish with us..

A happiness revolution.

Happiness is a tricky puzzle to solve. Try as we may to discover the keys to satisfaction, contentment seems to be a rarity in this modern age. Thankfully, living a good life doesn't have to be as complicated as we all make it seem. It's just about creating a lifestyle that makes you feel good, every single day.

At Mind Cafe, that's precisely what we aim to teach you how to do.

We're a Medium-Partnered Publication

Mind Cafe is a fast-growing publication attracting more than 2M monthly readers alongside the help of our partners, Medium.

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Why did you setup Mind Cafe?

When I first established Mind Cafe, my mission statement was simple: to distribute high-quality personal development content to an audience of passionate listeners. That mission statement has and always will remain at the forefront of everything we do here.

- Adrian Drew, Founder

Our team
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History Timeline
April 2020
We launched our YouTube channel.

After months of preparation, we made the official Mind Cafe YouTube channel live.

April 2020
Jordan joined the team.

We took on our second editor, bestselling author and TEDx speaker Jordan Gross.

February 2020
We reached 2M readers in one month

It's been a record-breaking year so far. Two million of you visited Mind Cafe this month. Unbelievable.

January 2020
We reached 1M readers in one month

We did it! We smashed all of our previous records and reached one million of you in a single month.

January 2020
We reached 500K readers in one month.

With the support of Medium, we were able to reach five-hundred-thousand of you in just 30 days.

July 2019
We partnered with Medium.

Around a year into our efforts to teach our readers how to live happier lives, Medium saw what we were doing and decided to start supporting us.

March 2019
Reed came on board.

After a few months of publishing content, we took on our valued editor, Reed Rawlings. He's pretty cool. We like Reed.

September 2018
Mind Cafe was established.