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Improving Your Self Talk

Our co-editor, Reed Rawlings, collaborated with Highbrow to bring a free personal development course to you, our loyal readers.

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Improving Your Self-Talk by Reed Rawlings

The importance of self talk.

Our inner monologue or self-talk impacts how we make decisions and practice reflection. It influences our sense of self and our emotions. Improving your self-talk is, therefore, vital to improving mental health and has tangible benefits to self-regulating behaviorus like planning and critical thinking.

Over the course of ten days, I'll teach you learn how to harness these powerful benefits in your life.

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Course overview.

Lesson 1. The Foundation of Self-Talk?
Lesson 2. The Importance of Self-Talk
Lesson 3. The Various Types of Positive Self-Talk
Lesson 4. The Sound of Negative Self-Talk/Impostor Syndrome
Lesson 5. The Difference between Positive Self-Talk and Pity
Lesson 6. Accurate Self
Lesson 7. Self-Distancing
Lesson 8. Affect Labeling
Lesson 9. Expressive Writing
Lesson 10. Wrapping Up

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Reed Rawlings
Managing Editor
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