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What is Mind Cafe?

Call us misleading, but Mind Cafe isn’t an actual cafe. Not yet, anyway. (Watch this space.)

It is a personal development publication - a collection of essays that aim to teach readers how to live a happier life. We pride ourselves on keeping our content easy to understand, ensuring that visitors from every background can benefit.

We like to write about all sorts of topics, from philosophy to relationships, and help one another to live well.

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Mind Cafe is a publication about living Well

It’s about finding joy in everyday moments, peace amidst the chaos and simplicity in the way we live. It’s about quietening the noise and laying down the foundations of a happy and healthy existence. It’s about providing readers, listeners and viewers with a means to live well.

In short, Mind Cafe is a digital place for any person to visit, settle down with a hot mug of coffee and soak up inspiring content about happiness.

That’s what we do. Come on in.