Reed Rawlings

Reed is Mind Cafe's editor, responsible for reviewing and publishing almost half of all of the content we upload here at Mind Cafe. Reed is also responsible for dealing with new writers, accepting submissions and talent scouting.


I focus on self-regulation: Goals, compassion, motivation, focus, stress, and the tools to support them.

How did you become a part of Mind Cafe and what made you want to get on board?

I started writing for Mind Cafe in November of 2018. I’d recently read one of Adrian’s articles and wanted to work with him. A few months later, after submitting a few more articles to Mind Cafe I thought I might want to start my own publication. But, I didn’t think I’d be able to manage the time commitment, so I ended up reaching out to Adrian and asking if I could work with him at Mind Cafe. I chose it because of the powerful message he was putting out through the publication and his work.

What inspired your interest in personal development?

In 2014 I was an Americorp volunteer at an elementary school in Denver, CO. That school had a series of values they were hoping to instil in the students. Things like honesty, empathy, and self-control. The one I started to focus on was self-control, because so often children completely lack it, but we loved to tell them to “practice self-control.” Once I started researching self-control I realized how vast a concept it is and, most importantly, that it’s dependent on a myriad of other factors; mood, sleep, hunger, curiosity - all things outside of children’s control. In the end, I wanted to share what I learned and the only way I knew to do that was writing.

Tell us about some of your other hobbies and interests outside of work.

Aside from Mind Cafe, I work for Google Cloud as a sales engineer. I’m currently training for the Seattle to Portland bike ride, a 200-mile ride over two days. Between those two things and socializing a lot of my time is taken up! But I do love the occasional board game or movie night with my friends.

"I’m all for scheduling, goal-setting, and a great to-do list, but that should come after taking care of yourself."
Reed Rawlings - Managing Editor